About IBA

The aim of the International Bioprocessing Association – An International Forum on Industrial Bioprocesses [IBA-IFIBiop], hereinafter called, ‘IBA Forum’ is to promote R&D in biotechnology and bioengineering (including biological engineering, food biotechnology, energy and environment), bring interaction between academic institutes and relevant industries, interact with industries and help them in resolving their problems as well make them aware with the new developments in related areas, and arrange dissemination of knowledge through the organization of lectures, seminars and symposia on scientific programmes and societal missions.

Benefits of IBA-IFIBiop Membership

The IBA-IFIBiop enrolls persons working in the academic and research institutes, industries, NGO and governmental departments, dealing with policy frame-works, etc involved in interdisciplinary areas of Food Technology & Engineering, Biotechnology/Life Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, and Energy and Environment as its member. The membership fee is one time payment of US$ 200 for the persons from BRICS and other developing countries and US$ 300 for rest of the world. The amount should be paid by the bank transfer as instructed on the membership form.

Followings are benefits to the individuals for the membership of IBA:

  1. Unique international platform to interact with global experts and peers during its biennial and subject conferences.
  2. Discount in registration fee of all IBA-IFIBiop events.
  3. Technical consultancy opportunities- Members can contact IBA-IFIBiop office for any technical information/help, which through its Central Office would be notified to its members for subsequent direct contact between the member and expert(s).
  4. Quarterly News Letter of the Forum containing latest information related to the themes of Forum, which would be a regular link between the members and the Forum.
  5. Opportunities to publish individual achievements, information and scientific notes, including scientific commentary on ‘hot topics’ and institutional profiles in the newsletter.
  6. Opportunities to organize scientific/industrial interactive events with the help of the Forum.
  7. Opportunities to win annual awards and fellowship of the Forum.
  8. Unique platform for networking and collaboration for scientific projects to discuss, exchange and share the ideas.
  9. Unique platform for joint PhDs, workshops, symposia, courses, etc.

Founding members of the IBA Forum