About IBA

The aim of the International Bioprocessing Association – An International Forum on Industrial Bioprocesses [IBA-IFIBiop], hereinafter called, ‘IBA Forum’ is to promote R&D in biotechnology and bioengineering (including biological engineering, food biotechnology, energy and environment), bring interaction between academic institutes and relevant industries, interact with industries and help them in resolving their problems as well make them aware with the new developments in related areas, and arrange dissemination of knowledge through the organization of lectures, seminars and symposia on scientific programmes and societal missions. Founding members of the IBA Forum

Central Council

International Bioprocessing Association – An International Forum on Industrial Bioprocesses (IBA-IFIBiop)

January 2023-December 2024

Prof Huu Hao Ngo, Australia Chairman
Prof Carlos Ricardo Soccol, Brazil Vice Chairman
Prof Samir Khanal, USA General Secretary
Prof Cheng-Di Dong, Taiwan Member
Prof Mohammad Tahezadeh, Sweden Member
Prof Daniel Tsang, Hong Kong Member
Prof Christian Larroche, France Member
Prof Cristobal Aguilar, Mexico Member
Prof Thanh Xuan Bui, Vietnam Member
Eldon Rene, Netherlands Member
Prof Sang Hyoun Kim, South Korea Member
Prof Su Shiung Lam, Malaysia Member
Prof Zhiping Zhang, China Member
Prof Claude-Gilles Dussap, France Charter President
Prof Ashok Pandey, India Chief Executive & Member
Dr P Binod Executive (India office)

Our Events


IBA Subject conference: International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery (SWMR-2022)


Any person possessing Bachelor degree in engineering sciences and/or Master’s/Doctorate in life/biological/engineering sciences can become the member of the Forum as Life member. Student membership for a block of two years is available to PhD students. Life membership tenure shall be valid till the person attains the age of 75 years.

Our Awards

To reward the scientific performance and contributions of the Forum members, IFIBiop shall consider awarding following awards each year to its members.

Honorary Fellow of IFIBiop (nomination only by CC members)

Eminent scientists/technologists above the age of 50 years on 31st December of applicable year working in various areas of industrial bioprocesses shall be considered to be elected as Fellow of IBA-IFIBiop. Award carries a citation and a memento. Nomination can be
made by only the members of the Central Council of the Forum. For this, the nominee may or may not be member of the Forum.

Life-Time Achievement Award

Any member of IBA-IFIBiop above the age of 60 years of applicable year involved in Biotech R&D/industrial bioprocesses for his/her outstanding contribution. Award will carry a memento/medal, a citation and a certificate.


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