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    • SINAFERM 2007 XVI National Symposium on Bioprocesses, July 29-August 1st, 2007, Curitiba, Brazil.
    • NHBT-2007 New Horizons in Biotechnology, November 26-29, 2007, Trivandrum, India.
    • NHBT-2011 New Horizons in Biotechnology, November 21-24, 2011, Trivandrum, India.
    • BRSI-2008 Biotechnology Research Society of India, November 6-8, 2008, Osmania, India.
    • NHBT-2015 New Horizons in Biotechnology, November 22-25, 2015, Trivandrum, India. http://www.niist.res.in/nhbt2015/
    • International Conference on Emerging Trends in Biotechnology for Waste Conversion (ETBWC-2017), October 8-10, Nagpur, India,, XIV Annual Convention of Biotech Research Society, India
    • 1st International Symposium on Biomass Utilization Technologies (ISBUT 2017), November 17-19, Hangzhou, China, http://isbutech.com,
    •  2nd International Conference on Bioresource Technology for Energy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability (Biorestec), September 16-19, 2018, Melia Sitges, Spain, http://www.biorestec.com
    • BioSD 2018: International Conference on Biotechnological Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development; XV BRSI Convention and V Asia-Oceania Algae Innovation Summit (AOAIS), November 22-25, 2018, Hyderabad, India, http://www.iictindia.org/biosd/